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Importance of Routine in your Babys Life

Importance of Routine in your Babys Life

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Your baby’s life is full of new, exciting and unfamiliar experiences every day. Like you, your baby too needs a routine. Although establishing a routine will take some time initially, as your baby is too young to understand this, it will keep you on the right track later on.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Routine and Its Importance

Routine provides your baby with something familiar among unfamiliar and gives a sense of security, safety and emotional stability. Here are a few benefits or importance of establishing a routine.

You can begin with bedtime to establish routine in your baby’s life.
Start with a warm bath for your baby
Settle down in a comfortable chair
Sing a lullaby

Following routine will encourage your baby to fall asleep faster.

Routine provides your baby a sense of self-control, trust and safety. Establishing routine helps your baby to learn about the world around better.

Establishing routine helps in balancing your baby’s needs and makes your life much easier.

Routine enforces positive behaviour in your baby.

Routine can help your baby to cope with transitions as they change from one activity to another. For example, routine will help your baby to
know in advance that sleep comes after a dinner.

Establishing consistent bedtime routine nurtures quality sleep in babies. Keeping a consistent bedtime routine signals to your baby that it is
time to relax and sleep. Over time, your baby will surprise you by getting ready for bed on their own.

Establishing a routine helps your baby to know what to expect after what; for example, your baby knows that he or she gets milk after his or
her morning nap, etc.

However, be patient, as you may have to try out a few different routines before you find what works the best for your baby.

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