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The Importance of Carbohydrates in an Infant’s Diet

The Importance of Carbohydrates in an Infant’s Diet

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During initial stages, an infant’s only source of food is the breast milk. Starting at the age of 6 months, the infant is ready for solid food intake as it is essential for proper growth and development. An important nutrient to add to your infant’s diet is carbohydrates. Digestible carbohydrate like lactose is present in a variety of baby foods, including breast milk, and serve the following purposes for your infant.

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Provides Energy

When consumed, the carbohydrates are broken down into smaller sugar compounds like glucose, fructose and sucrose. These compounds are absorbed by the blood, which enables conversion of food into energy for the body. Make a diet plan that accommodates carbohydrates in small amounts through the day.

Improves Metabolism

The dietary fibre and starch from food plays a fundamental role in enabling metabolism, which is an essential chemical process required by your child to remain healthy. Moreover, carbohydrates play a major role in fat metabolism.

Tissue Development

Carbohydrates contribute to the physical structuring of living cells. In other words, carbohydrates help in building body mass by contributing to the development of tissue cells, which is imperative for a growing child.

Introducing Carbohydrates in the Diet

Consuming digestible carbohydrates is a key point for the development of an infant’s body. From providing energy to regularising proteins, you can introduce carbohydrates in the diet through the following way.

  • Whole grain food products like cereals and breads are complex carbohydrates that are high in fibre. You can break down these food items by mixing it with breast milk to make it into a puree and feed your baby the same.
  • Legumes and beans are rich source of carbohydrates and can be fed once a day to enhance the body development of your child. For easier consumption, make a puree or a liquid form of the same for easy consumption.
  • Starchy vegetables like potato, corn and beets can be boiled and mashed to feed your infant and induce the required carbohydrates in their meal plan

Infants have been consuming carbohydrates in small amounts since day one, due to its presence in breast milk. Providing them with diet plans that contain digestible carbohydrates is essential for body development, boosting metabolism and providing required energy. Make sure simplify carbohydrates like vegetables and legumes in a puree for easy consumption.

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