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How Your Toddler Senses the World Around

Your child learns about the world around him or her through his or her senses. Sensory development, which is also known as perceptual development, includes development of hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and seeing.

Here are some milestones of sensory development that you may notice in your child.

Offer an enriching sensory experience to your toddler by providing books with textured effects, flowers or food items to smell, different objects to differentiate sounds, variety of foods in meals, and by identifying colours around him or her.


By 18 months, your child

  • Will hold objects close to his or her
    eyes to inspect
  • Will be able to follow objects as they move from above head to feet
  • Will be able to point at objects or people using words, which means to look or see

By 24 months, your child

  • Vision will be completely formed
  • Will be able to look or grasp objects within vision
  • Will be able to look where he or she is going while climbing, walking or running
  • Will be able to point to or look for pictures in books


By 18 months, your child

  • Will respond to music by trying to dance, clap or vocalise
  • Will look for sound source in all directions
  • Will be able to point at some body parts if asked. However, they will not be able to name them which is a proof that your baby’s hearing is developing well.

Taste and Smell

When it comes to taste an smell, your toddler

  • Will develop food preferences
  • Will develop onset of food neophobia that is extreme dislike for new foods
  • May reject food at mere sight of it
  • May stop eating foods he/she used eat earlier


As for touch, your toddler

  • Start using there hands to show there feelings such as frustration or when he wants your attention. To show that he may start hitting you or objects.

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