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How to Manage Your Childs Constipation

If your child is not having bowel movement more than three times in a week, he/she is having constipation.1

Constipation occurs because of:

  • Lack of fluids in diet
  • Lack of fiber in diet
  • Too little physical activity
  • Holding the urge to go to toilet.
  • Stress

Here are a few ways to manage your child’s constipation:

Encourage your child to follow a regular bowel habit. Don’t treat toilets as a dirty place as the apprehension developed may stop them from going for bowel movement.

Pay attention to what goes in your child’s mouth:

  • Include foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, oats, cracked whole wheat, beans etc.3
  • Include the “5 Ps” in your child’s diet – Peach, Pear, Plum, Prune and Peas in addition to other fruits such as apples, oranges, and other vegetables twice in a day5
  • Avoid fat and sugar rich diet lacking in fruits and vegetables.1
  • Chronic constipation in children is linked to intolerance to cow milk proteins.6,7 Check with your doctor to find out if your child is intolerant to milk proteins.

Feed plenty of fluids

Give water often to your child. Bring variety by including other fluids such as coconut water, diluted fruit juices, soups etc.

Do not let him hold the urge

Sometimes, because of the pain during the bowels, your child may start to avoid the urge to poop. You must encourage your child to go to the toilet whenever he feels the urge.

Keep your baby active

Encourage your toddler to run and play around to stimulate bowel movements.

Get friendly with the 3 F’s – fiber, fluid and fitness to manage constipation in your child.

However, you must see a doctor, if constipation lasts for more than a week and you see signs of abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, and liquid stool in your kid’s underwear even when not sick.3

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