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How to read to your baby

How to read to your baby

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Reading to your kid daily helps him/her learn new things and develop a habit of independent reading in future. As a parent, you should know the way of reading to your kid, so that he or she can enjoy reading.

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Reading Aloud:Reading aloud is very important for your child, as it helps your kid to:

Learn communication skills

Set up concepts of numbers, letters, colours and shapes

Develop listening, memory and vocabulary skills

Get information about the world around him or her

Get creative and make reading interesting by using your child’s toy to represent the character in a story while you read.

Hold your Kid in your Lap: While reading you may take your child in your lap so that he or she feels safe, happy and relaxed.
This approach also helps him or
her to concentrate, spot and participate in new things.

Read Slowly and Expressively: Instead of hurrying up, read slowly so that your kid understands easily. Your kid enjoys reading when you do it in an expressive way such as making different voices for different characters and raising or lowering your voice as and when required.

Reading is Fun: Make reading sessions with your kid funnier by using puppets or finger plays. You can use your child’s name instead of the character name in the book.

Singing while Reading: When you read rhymes or sing-song books, cheer your kid for singing or clapping.

Open-Ended Questions: Ask your kid open-ended questions which will increase his or her involvement while reading. For example,“What is the monkey doing in this page?”

Repetitive reading: Don’t get bored if your kid asks you to read the same book again and again. Repetitive reading helps your kid to learn rhymes or phrases.

Go ahead, grab the right book and let the magic begin.

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