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How Much Sleep does Your Toddler Need

Most children aged between 1 and 2 years generally require 10–13 hours of naptime in a day. This includes both night-time and daytime sleep.

Sleep supports growth and development in your child. Inadequate sleep can affect your child’s cognitive development. Cognitive development refers to how an individual thinks, including memory, problem-solving and decision-making abilities, etc.

If your child is sleeping less than what is required, consult your doctor because insufficient sleep may affect your child’s attention and leads to various health outcomes, overall affecting the quality of life of your child.

Try to set regular bedtime and naptime routines for your kid. This will help them to relax and get ready for sleep. In case of toddlers, the preparation for sleep may take about 15–30 minutes.

To give your little one a sense of control over bedtime routine, allow him or her to make choices, such as:

  • Which pajamas to wear
  • Which stuffed animal to take to bed
  • What music to play

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