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How to keep your child occupied

How to keep your child occupied

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Physical activity helps to keep your child healthy. Apart from the resting time, kids should not stay inactive for more than 1 hour at a stretch. Your child can be inactive if he or she spends longer time in stroller, car seats, high chairs and in front of the TV. Encouraging your child with real-life activities can help limit sedentary time.

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Here are some ideas to keep your child occupied at home:

Create a Play Area

Create secure and baby proofed play areas at your home so that he/she can play independently. Make your kid’’s room safer by using gates and other safety equipments.

According to experts, 12 to 36 months old child should get at least 30 minutes of structural activity led by adults and at least 60 minutes of unstructured physical activity (free play) daily.

Play with your Kid

Encourage your child to listen music and dance with you.

Allow them to climb stairs under your supervision.

Play some easy games to keep your child engage.

Take your child to play ground or garden for playing outdoor games.

Free play

Give your child some push and play toys such as popcorn popper or buy your child a play broom to play on his/her own.

Children also love to play with building blocks, shape sorters, floor toys and scribbling with crayons. Open-ended toys such as blocks, crayons, paper plates and other art supplies keep your child engaged for long time and enhance his or her creativity.

Surrender to sloppy

Allow your kid to make a mess which will help him or her to experiment and learn. For example, encourage your child to paint your old curtain or old cardboard boxes.

When you are leaving your kid with a caregiver at a child care centre, ensure they make your child engaged with various activities instead of involving him/her with videos or TV. Look for child care facilities with age-appropriate play facilities.

Whatever activities your toddler is occupied with, make sure somebody is always supervising to protect him or her from mishaps.

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