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How does your baby get ready for the delivery

How does your baby get ready for the delivery

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It’s common for expecting mothers to dread labour. Calm yourself down by learning about it beforehand.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

You can put to rest many of your fears by understanding what will happen to your body during this time.

Let’s discuss the most important points to tackle this situation.

How does your baby get ready for the delivery?

Just as your life is changing, your baby also is going through changes as she prepares to greet the world. During your last trimester of pregnancy, your baby continued to grow bigger and heavier. She has also put on a layer of fat underneath her skin that will help maintain her body temperature once she’s born.

She is getting prepared: At this time in your pregnancy, you are supplying your baby with DHA & ARA; essential for the development of her brain and eyes; and infection-fighting proteins called antibodies, through the placenta. If you breastfeed, your milk will continue providing more antibodies.

Her organs are developing: Many of your baby’s organs and systems are fully developed now. But some, including the brain and digestive tract, will keep developing even after birth.

She is developing instincts: Meanwhile, your baby’s sucking muscles are ready for action. In fact, most babies suck on their fingers or arms while still in the womb. By the time your baby is born, she’ll have a powerful sucking instinct that helps her start feeding.

Changes in the womb:

Your baby’s nervous system is working better every day
As lungs continue to develop, your baby is practising the motions of breathing
In preparation for birth, your baby puts on more weight and shifts head-down in your uterus
Your baby drops lower in your pelvis to prepare for her grand entrance into the world!

This is the most important stage in a mother’s life when she is getting ready to welcome her baby into her world. Keep the abovesaid points in mind to lead her into a healthy and happy life.

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