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How do You Know when Your Baby is Constipated

How do You Know when Your Baby is Constipated

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Your baby may show irregular bowel habits. You may wonder if it is normal or constipation. Children differ in the bowel habits. Some children pass stools everyday while some every 2 or 3 days.

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Your Baby Is Constipated if:

  • Passes three or less stools in a week
  • Poops less than usual
  • Strains while passing stools but doesn’t succeed
  • Poop is large, hard and dry
  • Sometimes little blood is seen with the stools
  • Becomes excessively fussy and irritated

Avoid giving fatty, sugary and spicy foods to your child as these foods slow down the bowel. Include fluids and fiber rich foods like cereals, pulses and fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet.

Look for these triggers that may lead to constipation:

  • In babies, transition from exclusively breastfeeding to complementary feeding can cause constipation.
  • If your child’s diet consists of mostly processed foods and less of .
  • Condition such as irritable bowel syndrome can also cause constipation in babies. This condition may occur in your child if he/she
    has eaten fatty or spicy foods that 
    may trigger constipation.

Although, constipation is common in children, consult your doctor if the child is constipated for more 2-3 weeks. Do not give any laxatives to your child unless consulted by your doctor. Proper and regular meal schedule with appropriate foods willhelp you manage constipation in your child.

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