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 How to deal with a headache during pregnancy

How to deal with a headache during pregnancy

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Always consult your doctor before taking any medicines during pregnancy. However following are some tips that might help you to get relief from a headache without taking medications.

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Contact your doctor immediately if your headaches get worse, and does not go away easily after taking medicines and rest, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. Severe headaches can be a sign of a pre-eclampsia.

  • Relaxation techniques can be very beneficial during pregnancy. When you have a headache, rest, sit or lie down in a dark and quiet room with your eyes closed. Deep breathing, yoga and visualization such as imagining a peaceful scene also help.
  • Try applying a hot towel on your face, eyes and temples or an ice pack on the back of your neck.

Remember, preventing headache is always better than cure.

When to Contact Your Doctor?

Most headaches during pregnancy are usually harmless, but some can be a sign of serious problem. You need to contact your doctor if:

  • Your headache is accompanied by fever or nasal congestion
  • Your headache is becoming worse and does not go away even after long duration
  • You have vision changes, or drowsiness

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