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How to Clip Your Babys Nails

How to Clip Your Babys Nails

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Trimming or clipping your baby’s nail especially for the first time can be an anxious moment for you. Looking at the soft and flexible nails might change your mind but do not make the mistake as trimming your baby’s nail is important for your baby’s safety. New baby has no control of their movements and thus may end up scratching and cutting their own delicate skin.

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Ways of Clipping Your Baby’s Nail?

The easier way to clip your baby’s mail is asking someone to hold your baby while you do the trimming.

The best time to clip your baby’s nail is while he/she is sleeping. During the initial days you need to clip your baby’s nail once or twice a week as babies’ nails grow pretty quickly.

  • First thing to do is to find a comfortable position which allows an easy access to your baby’s hand. Holding in your lap, sitting with your baby in 
    a chair or when your baby is sleeping are some comfortable positions.
  • Next, hold your baby’s palms and fingers with a hand and use the other hand to cut the nails. You can even take help
    from your husband or a 
    family member.

You can Clip Your Baby’s Nail by Using:

  • Baby clippers
  • Baby nail scissors which have blunt rounded tips
  • Nail files and emery boards. This is safest than using a nail scissor or clippers to shorten and smoothen the nails. However, for that you need a 
    long cooperation from your baby. Advantages of using a nail file is that it prevent getting a nick.

What to Do if You Accidently Draw Blood While Clipping Your Baby’s Nail?

Don’t worry this is a common incidence with babies. To stop the bleeding use sterile gauze pad and gently apply pressure on the cut. Never put a bandage around the cut as babies have the habit of putting their fingers in the mouth and might accidently dislodge the bandage resulting in choking.

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