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 How can I Get Pregnant

How can i get pregnant

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Getting pregnant is a very special event for every woman. Here is how you can kick-start getting pregnant naturally:

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Preconception check-up Get yourself a preconception check-up for any undiagnosed or untreated medical condition such as anaemia, diabetes etc. or any gynecological conditions such as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian disease that may affect your fertility. Your partner may also undergo sperm quality test and be advised to quit smoking and reduce alcohol use.
Prepare your body Eat balanced diet along with multivitamins, take caffeine in moderation, stop smoking & alcohol use, and exercise moderately to prepare yourself for conception.

Track your menstrual cycles - This will help you know the week when you are most fertile Most women have a 28 days regular menstrual cycle. See your doctor if your cycles are shorter than 21 days or are longer than 45 days for several months.

Have a calendar handy to record your cycle days – for example – mark your 1st day of periods as cycle day 1. This will help you know the best days to conceive.

Ovulation – Your ovaries releases an egg nearly 14 days before your next menses, which waits for about 24 hours to be fertilized. Sperms
remain alive in your body for
up to 7 days. Use ovulation predictor kits to know the days when you are ovulating. Having sex during your fertile days - up to 5 days to ovulation – increases your
chances of conception. You can also track your basal body temperature and/or thickness of the cervical mucus along with watching for signs of abdominal discomfort
and spotting to know if your ovulating.
Get into the act – Sexual intercourse every 2 to 3 days optimizes chances of conception. Studies show that timing intercourse with ovulation causes stress and is not
generally recommended. However, if you find it difficult to have intercourse frequently, you should time intercourse with ovulation to maximize chances to conceive.
Wait for the news Two to three in 10 healthy couples below 30 years generally conceive in first three months. If a woman is above 30 years of age, chances of getting pregnant decrease every year. Nearly 15 % of women are unable to conceive in the first year of having unprotected sex. You should see a doctor if you are unsuccessful after one year of trying to get pregnant.

Stay positive and keep yourself happy. Good luck for conceiving!

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