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 How is a Baby Born

How is a Baby Born

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After conceiving, you eagerly wait for the day to see your baby and hold him or her in your arms. Your baby’s journey starts in the womb after conception. From conception to birth, it is a journey of 40 weeks.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Normal vaginal delivery will follow once you notice signs such as as:

Do not get scared of the process of baby birth. Your body will prepare itself for the challenge. Deep breathing during the labour and little patience will help you deal with the challenge.

  • Lightening or when baby has dropped or moved lower into pelvis
  • Strong and regular contractions
  • Lower back pain and cramping, which is not reducing
  • Passing of the mucous plug
  • Water breaking

Here is how a baby is born:

First Stage

The first stage starts with the labour and ends after the opening of cervix. This stage normally lasts for 12–19 hours. When you are approaching due date, your baby’s head turns down facing to your back. However, occasionally a baby might face up towards the mother’s tummy and this might cause severe back pain. During this time, contractions are very powerful with less time of relaxation, as the cervix is stretching few centimetres.

Second Stage

After complete opening of cervix, the baby is born in this stage, which persists for 20 minutes to 2 hours. At this stage, a mother pushes the baby towards the vaginal canal and baby’s head comes out first, then the remaining body. Once the baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut.

Third Stage

The third and final stage of labour is contraction of womb and delivering the placenta after baby’s birth. Soon after birth, womb starts contracting and this stage completes within 5–30 minutes. You might feel chills and shakiness during this stage.

Certain medical conditions may require you to undergo C-section or caesarian delivery for your baby to be born.

The long wait will be over soon and you can hold your little miracle in your hands. 

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