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How Babies Bond

How Babies Bond

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The amazing bond that a newborn instinctively develops with his or her mother is a God’s gift. This bond is further strengthened as you interact and try to bond with your bundle of joy. Your baby reciprocates in his or her own way.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Here is how the toddler will bond with you:

Reciprocate to your toddler’s emotions appropriately and promptly. Sweet memories of childhood stay forever strengthening the bond between you & your child!

  • Toddlers need your undivided attention and quality time from you .Your child will connect with you only if you reciprocate his affection by communicating and listening to him patiently.
  • Toddlers always want to see a smiling mom & try to do things seeking your appreciation. Encourage the child by saying –“Good Job” or “Nice Try!” Scolding and spanking upset them.
  • Your baby would love to cuddle up with you at night and enjoy reading story books. It makes her feel more secure.
  • Babies love to play with their moms. Doing fun activities with the child like painting, singing rhymes, and reading books together, playing together in the park, will help the baby become more confident.
  • Toddlers will love to do things together like-brushing teeth, having a meal together, folding clothes etc will make routine things fun and have positive impact on your child.
  • Toddlers cannot handle long hours of separations from you and may lead to a sense of insecurity.
  • Toddlers find get amused at little goofing, doing funny things, making funny faces, names.

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