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Hospital packing list

Hospital packing list

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You and your family might have to stay in the hospital for a while. You need to plan for the stay and ensure that it is smooth for everyone involved.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

While packing for the hospital, make sure that you carry the respective things for the mother, baby, yourself and siblings if any.

Packing for the hospital – For the mom-to-be


Warm socks (to wear in the delivery room)

Maternity underwear (for the trip home)


Nightgown (one that opens in the front if you’re planning on breastfeeding)
Nursing bra (if you’re planning on breastfeeding)
Clothing for trip home (consider bringing 1st or 2nd trimester maternity clothes, which will be loose and comfortable)
Cosmetics and toiletries
Prescription medications if any (use only as advised by your doctor)
Mints or breath strips (helpful if medications or anesthesia cause vomiting during labor)
Eyeglasses if you wear contact lenses
A nightlight (for soft light in the room during night feedings)
A large envelope to bring home documents (discharge papers, Baby’s first photo, etc.)

Packing for the hospital – For the dad-to-be

Change of clothes
Pyjamas or night dress
Toothbrush, toothpaste, razor
Snacks, sandwiches and beverages (keep food on hand so the "labor coach" won’t have to leave your bedside)
Books, magazines or CD’s (to help Mom relax)
Camera(s) or camcorder
Batteries and/or chargers for cameras and cell phones
Phone list for friends and family

Packing for the hospital – For the baby

Newborn clothing
Two receiving blankets
Extra newborn-sized diapers
Mittens or baby nail clippers (most babies are born with long fingernails and can scratch their face)

Packing for the hospital – For the siblings

Favorite books and toys
Drawing paper and crayons/markers
Gifts for the new arrival (this could be you first step towards preventing sibling jealousy)

Some tips for daddies:

Fathers-to-be should be equally involved in the entire process from the very beginning. Men who get involved early on and stay that way right to the end have been shown to be as connected with their babies as their expectant wives are.

Ensure that you:

Be an active participant
Go to all of your wife’s doctor visits, hear your baby’s heartbeat, and watch her squirm around in the ultrasound.
Plan ahead (Who is taking off work after the baby comes and for how long? Is anyone coming in to help?)
Think about money. Get investment plans in place and plan for the added expenditures before hand
Get the house ready for the baby and guests
Don’t be scared. Being a good father comes with practice. Soon you’ll learn what your baby needs and what you have to do to comfort her. So cuddle her,talk to her, sing to her, read to her, and show her the sights, sounds, and smells of her new world.
Be a partner, not a helper
Take on more responsibilities around the house. Your wife needs you now.
Support your wife while breastfeeding. Encourage her every way you can by helping her create the right atmosphere

Don’t forget your relationship. Now that your baby is the focus of nearly everything you do, make sure you do not forget your wife. Set aside some time every day to talk with her about something other than the baby This is the best way to enjoy a perfect parenthood.

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