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Hidden Salt in Your Childs Diet

Hidden Salt in Your Childs Diet

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Salt, termed as sodium chloride, is a vital ingredient in almost all our food preparations. Though some amounts of sodium chloride is essential to maintain fluid balance in our body, excess of sodium can lead to high blood pressure leading to many health problems.

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Babies and toddlers who are given salty foods will have preference for salty taste in their later years. This may predispose them to many health risks in adult years.

Find the hidden salt…

Apart from table salt, pre-packaged and processed foods can contribute substantially to the salt intake.

Traditional foods and ingredients such as pickles, papad, readymade masalas.

Processed foods and savory snacks like ready-to-use wraps, sandwiches, pasta sauces, chips, salted nuts, pizza, ready-to-eat meals, quick cooking noodles, soup powders, sausages, tomato ketchup, soya sauce, mayonnaise and other ready-to-use sauces etc.

Salt is a hidden component in lots of food items which do not taste salty such as bread, cereals, baked beans, biscuits, pastries, etc.

Sodium is also part of many food additives used in processed foods such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), sodium nitrite, baking powder and baking soda.

For children you can prepare foods by adding lemon juice, tamarind, tomatoes, dried or fresh herbs instead of salt to enhance the flavor of the foods wherever required.

Swap and Skip the Salt:

Avoid giving the foods listed above which have hidden salt content to your child.

Give fresh and preferably home cooked foods and meals to your child. These foods have
lower sodium content than processed foods.

Check for the labels of the packaged and processed foods for the sodium or salt content.
Opt for low sodium or no salt added foods.

Avoid adding salt to baby foods or giving packaged baby foods which contain added salt to your baby or toddler.

Cutting down on extra salt, lets your child explore the natural flavor of various foods and helps in developing a healthy taste palate in the later years.

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