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 Hidden dangers of Fructose corn syrup in foods

Hidden dangers of Fructose corn syrup in foods

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Love to have soft drinks, sugar-free health drinks, fruit juices or processed sweet baked goods in your pantry!

Monday, February 13th, 2017

But, have you ever wondered how these sweet processed food and drinks are made sweet?

Many of the innocent looking foods, which claim to be sugar-free, may contain HFCS as cheaper replacement of sugar.

What is HFCS?

    Although the dangers of HFCS are controversial, try to limit intake of processed foods and drinks and eat fresh unprocessed food as much as possible.

    HFCS stands for high fructose corn syrup. HFCS is a liquid sweetener, which is used as an alternative to table sugar in many food and drinks we come across in the market.

    • It is made up glucose and fructose just like our table sugar. HFCS is commonly used to sweeten soft drinks, fruit juices and other processed foods.

    Which Foods May Contain HFCS?

    Here are some commonly consumed foods and drinks that may contain HFCS.

    Soft drinks and wines  Bakery products  
    Canned fruits and fruits juicesReady to eat cereals  
    Cheese spreads and foods  Chewing gum
    Chocolate and chocolate products  Coffee creamer or whitener
    Confectionary products and frozen desserts  Jams, Jellies and preserves

    Is HFCS Dangerous?

    Scientists are not sure yet. However, there are a few reports that link use of HFCS to diseases such as liver diseases, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Moreover, HFCS is often confused as non-caloric sugar replacement, but it does contribute to added calories. So, you must read the nutrition labels carefully if you are watching your weight.

    Evidence is not yet conclusive about the effect of HFCS on our health. As HFCS provides empty calories, it is better to watch out for your intake of processed foods that contain HFCS.

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