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Helping Your Baby Give up Biting

Helping Your Baby Give up Biting

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Biting is common among young children, but it is painful and frightening for the one who is bitten. Never consider biting as just another phase of your child’s development , and you have to live through with it.

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Here are definite ways of helping your child to give up biting:

Children at this age do not know that biting can actually cause harm. Make it clear that biting is wrong with simple and easy-to-understand words, such as, “no biting!” or “biting hurts!” Be calm and avoid lengthy explanations.

  • Be consistent on the “No biting” rule.
  • Stress on positive reinforcement. This is not the age of punishing. Kids of this age do not realize that biting can actually cause harm to others. Instead of giving much attention to your child’s negative actions, praise him or her for behaving well. This will help prevent your child from biting.
  • Teach your child other alternative ways to express negative emotions, such as using the words “NO” or “Stop”.
  • Distraction helps. In times of negative emotions, redirect your baby’s attention to positive activities, like dancing, colouring or playing.

If you feel things are getting out of control, do not hesitate to contact your doctor or a counselor to discuss ways of managing your child’s negative emotions or expressing feelings in a healthy way.

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