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Helping Your Baby Burp

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While you are feeding your baby, it is likely that she may ingest some air into her tummy. That is why it is necessary you burp the baby to let the air out. It also reduces the chances of spitting up after feeding and relieves bloating caused by ingested air.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Burp the baby after every feed.

Most babies need to be burped once they have finished breastfeeding. The baby may also hiccup after feeds, don’t worry, patting her back till she calms down helps.

Burping your baby in between feeding.

While the baby is feeding, sometimes she may need to burp in between. If the baby has been feeding rapidly and suddenly lets go off the breast and does not suck even on being encouraged, she may have ingested air and you need to burp her. After burping, continue to feed your baby.

Benefits of Burping.

Burping happens when your baby swallowed air while drinking milk or eating. Your baby also feels relaxed after burping. Some benefits of burping are:

Relieves Discomfort: Burping helps to expel out air, relieves discomfort, bloating and spitting up.

Prevents Wind Accumulation: Any form of wind that enters your baby’s system through breast feed is prevented from getting accumulated in her stomach and later create flatulence.

Relieves Pressure: Burping your baby not only expels excess trapped air but also relieves pressure after feeding.

Aids Digestion: Burping also aids in digestion by preventing excess air.

How to Burp your baby?

You can burp the baby in an upright position or with her face down. The three most popular burping positions are:

Over your shoulder: This is the most comfortable burping position and releases the air faster. For this, place your baby over your shoulder with her head bend over the shoulder and with her bottom supported by your arm. While with the other hand, pat or rub her back lightly. You need to place a towel or wash cloth over your shoulder in case the baby spits  some milk with the wind.

Sitting up: Make your baby sit in the hollow of your lap with her back towards your tummy. Lean the baby forward a bit by supporting her with one of your arms on her chest and under her arms holding her chin in your open hand. Pat or rub her back with your free hand.

Face-down on your lap: Lay your baby with her face-down on your lap. Support her firmly with one hand and pat or rub her back gently with the other hand.

The best way of burping your baby is to keep her upright.

Keeping the baby in upright position and patting her back is considered to be the most effective way of burping the baby. You can also prevent air to some extent by trying to keep the baby in as much upright position as possible while feeding her.

GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD or more commonly called as heart burn affects the babies quite commonly.

GERD is different from a normal burp:  When an infant suffers from GERD she may spit out or vomit the milk she has consumed. She may also have regurgitation. GERD differs from burping in that, while you burp your baby, she may spit out a little amount of milk and get relieved after the burp, while in GERD, the baby spits out a larger quantity of milk feed and may remain restless for longer time.

Reflux may affect your baby’s nerve, muscle or brain.

Reflux in infants is caused because of poor condition of gastrointestinal tract. There are babies that are healthy in this condition. However, some infants can have problems affecting their nerves, brain or muscles. Most babies however out grow GERD as their gastro-intestinal system matures.

If the baby cries while burping check with the doctor.

Burping makes the baby feel more comfortable. However, many babies find burping uncomfortable and may cry a lot while you try to burp her. In such cases you can check with the doctor for acid reflux.

While feeding, your baby ingests some air that can cause bloating. Burping is necessary to expel this air and make your baby comfortable. Follow the steps and help her feel more comfortable.

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