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Help your toddler development at 2 years

Help your toddler development at 2 years

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At 2 years of age, your toddler may be showing more and more independence.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Encourage Your Toddler to:  

Help you with simple household activities, such as sweeping or helping you while cooking and praise him or her for doing that. Ask your child to help you open or close a door, turn pages in books, carry small things for you, etc.

Play with blocks. This will help in the development of his or her problem-solving skills.

Run and kick a ball if he or she is able to kick a ball back and forth.

Play puzzles of shapes, colours or animals. Help him or her in making the puzzle and say the name of each piece when your child tries to put it in place.

Say words instead of pointing at things. If your child is not able to say the whole word, for example “ball”, initiate the first sound such as ‘b’ to help. With time, you can encourage him or her to say the whole sentence skills by asking your child, such as “I want ball”. Ask him or her to identify and name the body parts, animals, etc.

Encourage your child by displaying his or her work in the house by hanging your child’s drawing in the wall or on your refrigerator, placing his or her creation of blocks on the centre table, etc.

Play outdoor games, run or climb equipments, etc. However, keep a close eye on your child to avoid accidents.

Remember to:

Praise your child when he or she follows your instructions.

Keep a constant eye on your child to prevent any mishap.

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