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Help your Toddler’s Development at 18 months

By now your toddler loves to be independent and move around doing things without your help. It is important that you provide a safe and loving environment for your child to explore.

Encourge your Child to Try New Activities

Praise and reward your child for his attempts at doing things on his/her own. Enourage learning in your toddler by motivating him to observe carefully while you show him any new activity.

  • Encourage pretend play and for that provide him or her with objects such as dolls, play telephones, etc.
  • Encourage to drink from a cup or use spoons or hands while eating. However, do not expect him or her to be perfect now. Be prepared for a mess.
  • Encourage empathy or compassion with suitable examples, such as teach him or her to pat or hug when he or she sees anyone crying or is sad.
  • Encourage imitation in your child by copying what your child says and you will see your child copying you.
  • Encourage problem-solving skills by providing him or her puzzles, blocks,etc.
  • Encourage to find things on his or her own by hiding things under blankets, pillows, etc.
  • Read to him and use simple words to describe pictures in the book.
  • Provide toys that will allow him or her to push and pull safely, balls to kick, roll and throw.

Rememeber to

  • Use simple and clear phrases while talking to your child.
  • Keep asking him or her simple questions to encourage communication .
  • Express and describe emotions. For example, say that you are happy when he or she finishes the meal, etc. This will help in emotional development of your child.

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