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 Heightened sense of smells during pregnancy

Heightened sense of smells during pregnancy

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If you feel a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy, don’t be alarmed. It is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and happens to almost all the pregnant women. This might lead to nausea.

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Hormonal changes cause nausea.

Pregnancy is a period of a wide range of hormonal changes. The pregnancy hormone, in particular, estrogen, activates the pheromone receptors in the nostrils, making them hyper sensitive. In turn, the olfactory receptors get sensitized. This signal to the brain is so strong that while responding, it triggers the synthesis of gastric juices, leading to nausea.

It may also trigger morning sickness.

This heightened sense of smell affects a woman’s morning sickness, though experts are not exactly sure what comes first. It is preferable to avoid food stuffs that emit strong smells such as garlic, curry, or onions during this phase. 

How can you cope with the condition?

Be surrounded with things that smell good: Avoid the offending smells as much as possible, especially the ones that trigger morning sickness. Are there any particular fragrances that make you happy? If yes, this is the best time to surround yourself with those.  For instance, mint, lemon, ginger, and other herbs are more likely to soothe. You might also try using unscented or lightly scented toiletries, cleaning products, etc.

Be careful with the food: There are a few other easy steps that you could follow. Avoid cooking if you can during the time you suffer from morning sickness or avoid cooking food stuffs that make you unwell. Avoiding places like restaurants, grocery shops, meat shops, vegetable shops etc might be a good idea. You could also try and ensure that your house is ventilated properly so that no cooking or musty odors stay back. Washing your clothes more often than usual can also help since fiber tends to hold onto odors. Of course, ask the people around you to be extra considerate and avoid the smokers.

Be sure to be in a good mood, surrounded by all the good things in life and enjoy good health.

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