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Growth and Development of your Baby at 6–8 Months of Age

Growth and Development of your Baby at 6–8 Months of Age

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Now that your baby is 8 months old,he or she might sit up on their own without support. He or she might slowly start to pull up to a standing position by holding furnitures or other nearby objects. Enjoy watching your baby exploring his or her surroundings by letting him or her to move on their own. This will help your baby to grow and learn. Remember to baby-proof your home to make it safe for your baby to move around.

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Here is an overview of your baby’s growth and development at 6–8 months of age:

Keep a close watch on your baby at this stage, as he or she might put everything into his or her mouth. Keep unsafe objects locked or put them in high places where your baby cannot reach them.

  • Physical Development: Progresses from siting with support to sitting alone without any support. Your baby might also be able to move by rolling or creeping. He or she might also attempt to crawl.
  • Language or Communication Development: Laughs or giggles or might make sounds to get your attention. Imitates sounds or repeats syllables. Your baby can also respond to your command ‘No’.
  • Cognitive Development: Cognitive development refers to learning, thinking and problem-solving skills in your baby. At this stage, your baby begins to show curiosity by looking at things nearby. Your baby might be able to transfer objects from one hand to the next.
  • Emotional Development: Expresses his or her feelings and responds to other’s emotions. Your baby can also make you know his or her likes, dislikes and shows frustration if you interupt his or her activity. He or she also demands affection and attention.
  • Social Development: Interact more with you or your family members. At this stage, your baby likes to play games. Try to spend time with your baby, as babies at this stage like their parents to be near them.

As you watch your baby grow, remember that each baby is unique and develops at his or her own pace. However, if anything concerns you, do discuss it with your child’s doctor.

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