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Growth and Development of Your Baby

Your child is now moving from infancy towards toddlerhood. During toddlerhood, your child’s physical growth is slow; however, there are remarkable intellectual, emotional and social changes.

Your child will gain about 2 kg of weight per year between ages 2 and 5 years. At this stage, it would be exciting to watch your child mastering new skills.

As a parent you can encourage development of your child by offering enriching atmosphere and interactions that expose him/her to a variety of experiences.

Motor Development: Your child further develops his or her motor skills at this stage and is now able to walk, run and climb stairs.

Social Skills Development: He or she is able to imitate others’ behaviour, self-awareness and is excited about company of other children, which demonstrates the social development.

Cognitive Development: As a toddler, your child’s language grasping power is increasing. You can see cognitive milestones such understanding the relationship between objects, counting the objects and thereby understanding the purpose of numbers.

Emotional Development: Your child does not have much control over emotions; as a result, he or she may show anger and frustration when you resist him or her from crossing the limits.

Language Development: Your child’s language skill develops further and now, he or she could able to understand most of what you say. By now, he or she is able to speak with a vocabulary of 50 or more words. Do not compare your child’s verbal abilities with those of other children of the same age because more variations are seen in language development at this stage.

Remember all toddlers do not develop at the same speed and there is a wide range of what is measured as ‘normal’. Your child may be in advance in some areas and a little behind in others. In case if you are concerned about any delays, talk to your doctor.

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