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Great beginner finger foods

Great beginner finger foods

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By about 8 months your baby will have the motor skills to grasp small objects and get them to her mouth. This is a positive sign which also means you should introduce some new foods to her diet. It’s time for finger foods!

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

The finger foods in the list below are nutritious and easy to eat at around 8 months:

1. Crackers that dissolve easily

2. Round toasted-oat cereal

3. Rice cakes

4. Ripe bananas

5. Cooked mashed vegetables

By the time your baby is around 10 months old, you can add these finger foods to her diet:

Tiny cheese cubes

Peeled fruit such as ripe apples and pears in small pieces

Soft-cooked vegetable cubes

Well-cooked pasta

Cooked rice

Foods to avoid.

Some nutritious, seemingly safe finger foods are unsafe because they pose a choking danger. If your baby has only her front teeth, she’s capable of biting off a chunk of an uncooked carrot. But she can’t actually chew it up, which means she could choke on it.

Finger foods are a great way to provide her nutrition as well as develop her motor skills. Choose the right foods and help her grow into a healthy and happy baby.

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