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Going Out of India Checklist for Vaccinations Required

Travelling abroad with your kid is a thrilling experience for you. However, there is a risk of exposing your toddler to various disease causing germs while travelling abroad. Hence, immunisation or vaccination is the first priority before you fly abroad.

Visit Doctor before Travelling

Take your child to the doctor 4-6 weeks before your trip as vaccinations should be administered at least one month before travel. Certain vaccines are also given in a sequence of multiple dosages for a few weeks.

While you are travelling out of India with your kid, do not forget to carry his or her immunisation records.

Additional Immunisation

The doctor may recommend vaccines other than the routine vaccines such as typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese B encephalitis, meningitis and rabies to your child depending on your travel destination.

Hepatitis A Vaccine:

If there is a risk of exposure to hepatitis, the doctor may administer hepatitis A vaccine or an injection of gamma-globulin or both to your child before travelling abroad.

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