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Getting your Toddler Ready for the New Arrival

Getting your Toddler Ready for the New Arrival

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Congrats! You are ready for your second baby! However, is your toddler ready for one?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Introducing your toddler to the arrival of next child needs to be done slowly in a right manner with a positive attitude. The idea of sharing parents can be the most difficult task for your toddler as he or she can be extremely possessive at this age.

Some tips for getting your toddler excited about the new arrival:

Initiate bonding between your toddler and your unborn baby by letting him stroke your tummy, kiss your tummy and talk to the baby.

  • You can start by saying things like 
    “want a friend to play with who also stays with you? If we have a new baby, you can play, eat and have lots of fun together”.
  • You will need to explain your little one that momma would need to spend more time with the new arrival to feed, clean, bath the baby just as she used to do for you.
  • Your child will love to be addressed as Didi or Bhaiya as all toddlers enjoy being treated as ‘big’.
  • Giving examples of known families, relatives or friends having two or three children and the way they enjoy together also helps.
  • Having the child’s grandparents around at this time helps a lot. Through their immense patience and experience, they can tackle the insecurities in the child’s mind effortlessly.
  • During the bedtime story sessions, help the child imagine how life will be after the newborn comes. Assure your child that you and all family members will love him or her just the same even after the new one’s arrival.
  • See pictures together how your toddler grew up from a small baby and help him or her imagine the same for the new arrival.
  • Build a strong sense of ‘we’ feeling and let him or her know that he or she is going to play a major role as an elder sibling.

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