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Getting Started with Finger Foods

Getting Started with Finger Foods

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Till the first six months breastfeeding was the best and only nutrition you were giving to your baby. As your baby grows, he or she requires additional nutrition from other food sources.

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Your baby also shows signs that he or she is ready for solid foods. Babies will try to hold things and put in their mouth. These developing motor skills help you to recognise that your baby is ready for eating finger foods. By 8-9 months of age you can start introducing finger foods to your baby.

Finger Food Facts for Your Babies

Avoid giving foods like chips, popcorn, candies or hard toffees and chocolates, which may cause choking in babies.

  • Independent and healthy eating habits can be developed in your child by encouraging finger feeding. Help your baby to feed by himself or herself as much as possible by giving finger foods.
  • Types of finger foods that could be given to the baby who is 8-9 months include small amounts of finely chopped soft and cooked vegetables, fruits, paneer, cheese or egg. Avoid whole grapes or berries, nuts, hard fruit or uncooked vegetable pieces, salty or sugary foods to prevent the risk of choking.
  • Offer variety of foods to your baby. But, don’t force if he or she doesn’t eat the food at first. You can offer the same food after some days.
  • Home-made foods and fortified foods along with mother’s milk can help fulfill your baby’s nutrient intake.

Give finger foods which are usually eaten in by your family members to make your baby familiar with the family’s eating habits. Seeing your baby having finger foods and self-feeding him/her is a wonderful experience for the mother.

So, prepare your baby to explore the world of foods with flavourful finger foods.


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