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 Getting Pregnant with Underweight

Getting Pregnant with Underweight

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Weight in relation to fertility is a curious thing; too much or too little can create problems in conceiving. You are considered to be underweight if your body mass index or BMI is under 18.5.

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Does being Underweight Affect Getting Pregnant?

Yes, it does! Being underweight can disrupt your ovulation and menstrual cycle, and affect your chances of getting pregnant. This is because underweight can upset your hormones and stop them from working properly.

Probable Reasons that might Contribute to Being Underweight

Gaining weight during pregnancy can be challenging if you enter pregnancy being underweight. An underweight woman needs to gain about 12.5–18 kg during her pregnancy.

You may be underweight because of:

  • Underlying medical conditions, such as overactive thyroid
  • Poor diet

How Can You Help Yourself?

  • Consult with your doctor to find rule out any underlying medical condition for being underweight.
  • Eat small and frequent meals including healthy foods such as whole grains, pulses, milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables.
  • You may need to refer to a fertility specialist in case of problems related to menstrual cycle.

If diet is the cause of you being underweight, having a healthy balanced diet can help you achieve a desired weight.

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