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 Getting Pregnant With Migraine

Getting Pregnant With Migraine

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If you are planning for a baby and often suffer from migraine, see your doctor to find out a suitable treatment regime for you.Medications which you have been using till now might not be safe while you are trying to get pregnant.

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Effect of Migraine during Pregnancy

The hormonal changes during pregnancy may have beneficial effects for some as migraine either disappears or gets improved. For others, migraine attacks occur most often during the initial first three months of pregnancy due to the rise of oestrogen levels and improve later.

If you get a migraine attack, resting in a dark and quiet room and putting a cold cloth on your head might give you relief to the pain.

Tips for Preventing a Migraine Attack

You can try to prevent a migraine attack by:

  • Identifying and avoiding the triggers that cause migraine attacks. One of the common triggers is stress. Try reducing stress in your life and learn relaxation
    skills to
    manage stress.
  • Taking medicines as per the doctor’s prescription. Bring to your doctor’s notice if the prescribed amount is not giving relief to your headache. Remind
    your doctor
    about your plans of getting pregnant.

Tips for Managing Your Migraine

Discuss with your doctor whether the home treatment methods which you have been following in the past can be continued while you try to get pregnant. Work with your doctor to make a plan accordingly. Some of the ways of managing migraine attacks are:

  • Following the right dosage and schedule of medications
  • Drinking fluids if you don’t experience nausea during migraine
  • Massaging or applying pressure to the spot where you feel pain
  • Trying relaxation techniques

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