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 Getting Pregnant With HIV

Getting Pregnant With HIV

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Planning for a baby with HIV is indeed a big decision. Although it is not without risks, being aware of these risks and working closely with your doctor can lower the risk of passing on the infection to your baby.

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Getting Pregnant with HIV

Starting the treatment early is necessary as HIV can be passed on to your baby:

  • Via placenta during preg¬nancy.
  • During labor and delivery from contact with your blood and vaginal fluids.
  • Through breastfeeding.

If you opt for HIV treatment during pregnancy and do not breastfeed, you can lower the chance of passing on the infection to your baby by <1%. With no treatment, the risk is 25%. So, be wise! Take action!

What to Do to Reduce The Risk Of Passing HIV to Your Baby?

If you are HIV+ and planning for a pregnancy talk to your doctor. The risk of HIV infection in your baby may be reduced by taking medicines and delivering
your baby through c-section before the labour and water breakage.

You can also refer a counselor who specializes in this area to discuss your treatment options best suitable for you. Some of the things which you can do to
reduce the risk include:

  • Getting healthy by following a good diet and exercise regime as much as possible before becoming pregnant.
  • Starting proper treatment before getting pregnant.
  • If you are already on treatment visit your doctor at the earliest to ensure that the medicines you are taking are safe for your baby. Ask your doctor
    whether to continue with the current treatment plan or any change is required. Some HIV medicines should not be used during pregnancy. For others,
    you might need a different dosage.

All the best!

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