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 Getting Pregnant with Epilepsy

Getting Pregnant with Epilepsy

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If you have epilepsy and thinking about having a baby, you may probably have a lot of questions in your mind. Will it be safe for me to get pregnant with epilepsy? Would I be able to get pregnant?

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Luckily, most women with this condition give birth to a healthy baby. Planning ahead is the key to obtain a healthy pregnancy. Nine out of 10 women have a chance of having a healthy baby with proper care and treatment.

All you need to do is to seek early medical advice and use contraception to have a planned pregnancy.

Opt for good contraception to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Giving enough time to your doctor to plan a line of treatment for pregnancy with epilepsy is a safe way to motherhood.

Effects of Epilepsy during Pregnancy

It is hard to predict how epilepsy affects pregnancy because its effects may vary from one individual to another.

Some women might experience an increase in the frequency of seizures during pregnancy,
while in others, the frequency might be less. Therefore, pregnancy demands a close monitoring of epilepsy, and the medication
dosage should be adjusted accordingly.

Experiencing seizure during pregnancy can harm your baby. It may also lead to miscarriage, especially if the seizures are severe. However, studies show that many women who
had seizures had healthy pregnancy and delivered normally. So, don’t worry!

Precautions to Take before Pregnancy

Some of the precautions that you need to take before pregnancy to reduce the risk during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Schedule a medical appointment before getting pregnant. Antiepileptic medications might increase the risk of abnormalities in your developing baby, such as cleft palate, heart problems, and finger and toe defects, etc.
  • Talk to your doctor to find out the best way to prepare for your pregnancy and ways of minimizing the risks. Reviewing and changing your antiepileptic medications before getting pregnant can reduce the risk of abnormalities.
  • Provide your doctor enough time so that he or she can change your medications before pregnancy and check the blood level for stabilization of the condition.

With proper precautions and good treatment, you will soon be a ‘to-be-mom’!

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