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Getting to know your newborn

Getting to know your newborn

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Your baby is the newfound world that you are starting to explore. If you watch closely you may notice that your baby goes through what researchers call six distinct states of consciousness. Over a single day she may cycle through the states several times.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Here are few pointers that will help you understand your baby more.

Deep sleep: Your baby is lying quietly in a sound sleep. If you make a noise, she may stir slightly.

Light sleep: Your baby is still sleeping but moving around a little. If you make a noise, she may startle and wake.

Drowsiness: Your baby is just starting to wake up. Her eyes are barely openand she may yawn, stretch, or jerk her arms and legs.

Quiet alert: Your baby is wide awake but lying quietly. She is contentedly soaking up the sights and sounds around her.

Active alert: Your baby is alert and moving around more. During states 4 and 5 she is most responsive and ready to play.

Crying: Your baby is signalling that she needs something—a feeding, a diaper change. Maybe it’s just a snuggle.

Keep in mind that after the first month, your baby will gradually settle into a more predictable routine for sleeping, eating, playing, and crying.

Answering her cries.

When it comes to answering your baby’s cries, trust your instincts. You may be surprised by how naturally you respond with just what she needs: holding, cuddling, rocking, feeding. No one is better equipped to provide these comforts than you. Remember that it’s not possible to spoil a newborn with too much attention. If you respond promptly to her cries, you show her that her most basic needs will be met, and she’ll cry less overall.

It is the beginning of a life long process to understand your baby. Start with the right steps and embark into a happy process for life.

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