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Getting Back to Work Prepare After Baby

Getting Back to Work Prepare Ahead

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Maternity leave passes quickly and before you know it’s time to get back to work. It’s difficult to be away from your baby after those initial weeks of bonding. So prepare while you are on maternity leave to ensure a successful return to work.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Find Dependable Childcare

If grandparents are going to take care of your little one, you need not worry. However, preparing them in advance will ensure a smooth process.

If you opt for a Daycare

Find one that does not involve too much travel.

Visit the daycare and make sure it has a clean, healthy environment.

Start sending your baby to the daycare at least a couple of weeks before you start work to get him or her used to the new environment.


Talk to the daycare staff and see how comfortable you feel about them.


Talk to other mothers about their experience with daycares.

Start sending your baby to the daycare for a few hours at first. Gradually increase
the time so that your baby does not feel abandoned all of a sudden.

Inform the daycare staff about your child’s routine - feeding schedules, what your baby likes and dislikes, etc.

Set Realistic Expectations

Talk to your employer about the time you will be able to put in.

Take on only as much work as you will be able to deliver.

Ease into your work routine by starting part-time at first (if possible).

Explore the possibility of working from home at least a couple of days a week.

Share responsibilities with your spouse so that the burden of housework does not fall on you alone.

Practice a Routine

Set up a routine beforehand and practice it a few times before you actually start going to work.

Continue breastfeeding while at home and by expressing milk before you leave for work, if possible.

Planning ahead can take away the stress of getting back to work and make the transition easier for you and your baby.

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