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Getting Back to Pre Pregnancy Weight Issues and Challenges

Getting Back to Pre Pregnancy Weight Issues and Challenges

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Your baby now crawls around the house; enjoys complementary feeds and has settled into a daily schedule. You probably are thinking about celebrating your baby’s 1st birthday with great enthusiasm.

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

But, one thing that you secretly wish for yourself before your baby’s first birthday is getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight so that you look yummy mummy. Worried whether it is possible at all in the next few months or so?

Don’t worry! It is possible, if you take on the challenges and issue of shedding those extra kilos. So, before you try exercise and start eating to loose weight , get solutions to challenges and issues that you may face in your journey towards a slimmer you.

Form a small informal support group with other new moms around and plan diet and workout together.

Time Issues

Once your baby arrives, time flies changing diapers, breastfeeding, taking naps while your baby sleeps, and attending visitors who want to be with the baby.

Hire help, rework your schedule and prioritise tasks to find out time for yourself amidst other responsibilities.

Having visitors may be good. With little coordination with them, you may get some time off for yourself.

    Motivation Issues

    Your busy schedule may at times leave you frustrated; try to stay motivated and positive.

    Do things that pep you up. For example: Talking to a supportive and encouraging friend, listening to your favorite music or simply sitting quite for some ‘Me-time’.

    Some women may experience postpartum depression that may lead to anxiety, mood swings, persistent sadness and guilt. This may weaken your motivation to get back in shape.

    Set realistic goals and break your goal into small achievable steps to avoid frustration.

    Get professional help if you think you are unable to shrug off the feeling of depression.

      Need for Support

      You have one new member in your family who would needs attention in various ways. Do not try to do it all on your own.

      Build support system for yourself; take help from family members and friends to do some chores for you or to take care of your baby while you take bath, exercise or cook for yourself.

      Learn to delegate tasks to family members.

      Personal Well-Being

      If you have had a caesarean delivery, or other complications such as bladder or bowel injury, your doctor may ask you not to stretch too far with weight loss.

      You may have to avoid strenuous exercises like fast running, weight lifting and take up light ones like walking and swimming.


      Breastfeeding helps you lose pregnancy weight, though it also keeps you engaged not leaving any time for yourself.

      Now that your baby is eating foods other than breast milk, ask an experienced help or one of your family members to feed your baby while you catch up with your walk or exercise regime.

      Remember! You are not alone in this struggle. Remind yourself of your goals every day and keep going.

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