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Get the Father Involved in Your Baby’s Life

Sharing responsibilities with your husband lightens your burden. Also, lets him enjoy the pleasure of fatherhood and bond with the baby.

Introducing your toddler to the arrival of next child needs to be done slowly in a right manner with a positive attitude. The idea of sharing parents can be the most difficult task for your toddler as he or she can be extremely possessive at this age.

Father’s involvement can:

  • Encourage your toddler’s emotional and physical development
  • Help your toddler higher IQ and better social behaviour
  • Provide a sense of security in your toddler

Father’s involvement can:

    Keep the father and child away from cell phones, TV, laptops to encourage one-on-one interaction between them.

  • Feed the baby any meal of the day.
  • Change diapers, clean the baby, give the baby bath; all these prove a pleasurable
    experience for both of them.
  • Drop the child to the play school every day; he can talk with the little on his way.
  • Encourage conversation between them by saying—“Tell dad what happened in the school/park, etc.” in the evenings during dinner time.
  • Dads can take the baby to the children’s park at least twice a week possibly on weekends.
  • Instead of watching TV in the evening, let the father spend some quality time with the child by playing games like peek-a-boo, imitation games, etc. It is not only fun for your child, but also relaxation for the father.
  • Try and make it a habit for the father to narrate a story at bedtime to your child.

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