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Get the Father Involved in Your Baby Life

Get the Father Involved in Your Baby Life

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Sharing responsibilities with your husband lightens your burden. Also, lets him enjoy the pleasure of fatherhood and bond with the baby.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Father’s involvement can:

Encourage your toddler’s emotional and physical development

Help your toddler higher IQ and better social behaviour

Provide a sense of security in your toddler

Keep the father and child away from cell phones, TV, laptops to encourage one-on-one interaction between them.

You can help your husband get involved as a father by letting him independently:

Feed the baby any meal of the day.

Change diapers, clean the baby, give the baby bath; all these prove a pleasurable experience for both of them.

Drop the child to the play school every day; he can talk with the little on his way.

Encourage conversation between them by saying—“Tell dad what happened in the school/park, etc.” in the evenings during dinner time.

Dads can take the baby to the children’s park at least twice a week possibly on weekends.

Instead of watching TV in the evening, let the father spend some quality time with the child by playing games like peek-a-boo, imitation games, etc. It is not only fun for your child, but also relaxation for the father.

Try and make it a habit for the father to narrate a story at bedtime to your child.

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