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Games for younger babies

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As your baby grows, she starts getting into games and activities. It is for you to decide what is best for her. Here are some activities that are perfect to engage your younger baby.

Friday, March 17th, 2017

Fun games for you and your baby!

Dancing: Turn on some upbeat music and try “dancing” as you hold your baby’s face close to yours.

Name that body part: Make a game of touching and naming your baby’s nose, mouth, arms, legs, etc.

Family game: Say each family member’s name in a singsong voice: “Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa!”

Follow that voice: Stand to one side of your baby and begin to talk. Then slowly move around, giving her a chance to find you in each new spot.

Shake it, baby: Place a light rattle in your baby’s hand. Watch as she discovers that she can make this wonderful noise all by herself—that’s a big sense of power for a little baby.

Batting practice: Dangle a bright toy about a foot in front of your baby’s face. Then move it slowly from side to side. She may bat at the toy with her hands.

Play with her to bond!

Be with your little one while she grows up into an active and smiling baby. Guide her through the right steps and get her to play the right games that not only engage her but also educate her. Above all, shower your love and care to make her smile.

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