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Galactogogues and its effect on breast milk

Galactogogues and its effect on breast milk

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In Indian households, once a baby is born elder members in the family begin making laddus, dry fruit mixes etc. for the new mum.

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

How is breast milk produced?

Breast milk is most effectively produced by the baby’s suckling, with the added help of hormones like Prolactin and Oxytocin. It functions under a demand-and-supply principle. The more a baby suckles, the more milk is produced to meet the demand of the baby.

The initial cycle of milk production is set in motion by a hormone called Prolactin. It is secreted by the pituitary glands. Once your baby begins to suckle, the pituitary gland secretes Oxytocin, which in turn stimulates the production of milk.


What are Galactogogues?

Galactogogues help increase milk production. They also contribute to increased production of gastro-intestinal fluids which restore the digestive balance that flips due to the stress of child-birth. Galactogogues include preparations like panjiri ladoo, barley gruel, methidana water, saunf water, jeera water, ajwain water etc.

How do Galactogogues work?

Galactogogues are known to contain phyto-estrogens that stimulate the mammary glands to produce more milk.

Is there really a need?

The body has its natural procedure of milk production and galactogogues cannot beat it. At best they can assist in producing milk when the breasts, due to some reason, cannot produce enough milk.

Seldom, your breasts may not be able to produce enough milk, due to reasons such as sporadic feeding. It’s possible that you may be feeding more than one baby and in that case breast milk may fall short. It is at such times that galactogogues can be of great help in increasing production of breast milk.

Make it a tasty deal for you: Mix the galactogogues with laddus in ghee and jaggery to make them rich. Mix dry fruits with milk or methidana and saunf with your food as well.

In conclusion, galactogogues are an integral part of a lactating mother’s diet. Take it in reasonable amounts and savour the delicacy!

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