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Fulfil your Toddler’s Daily Protein Needs

Fulfil your Toddler’s Daily Protein Needs

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You know that proteins play a vital role in your child’s nutrition and are important for your child’s healthy growth and development. Let us see how to fulfil your toddler’s daily protein needs.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

How much Protein does your Child Need?

The recommended protein intake for toddlers is 16.7 grams per day. The quality of the protein is also important, and this is determined by the amount of essential amino acids in the protein. Protein is not stored in the body, so it should be supplied daily from the foods your child eats. So, how do you make sure that your toddler is fulfilling his or her daily protein needs?

Suggestions for ensuring adequate protein intake in your child’s diet:

For a vegetarian child, a meal containing combination of cereal and a pulse like dal khichdi, or moong dal and milk halwa can provide all the essential amino acids.

The ‘Milky’ Way: Milk should be given daily. Cereal porridges can be made with milk
instead of water. Curds can be mixed with spinach puree to make it more nutritious. One cheese slice or small piece of paneer with half piece of bread or chapatti makes a tasty protein-rich finger food.

Fleshy Foods: Boiled fish, chicken or minced meat can be given with cooked steamed rice. One boiled or poached egg should be given daily or minimum four times a week.

Power Packed Pulses: Cooked and mashed pulses mixed with cereal porridge or cooked rice can improve the protein quality.

Choose from these protein foods to ensure adequate protein in your toddler’s diet: 

1 glass of milk (250 mL): provides 7.5 g of protein

1 cheese slice (20 g): provides 6 g of protein

½ cup curd (50 mL): provides 1.5 g of protein

½ cup cooked dal (15 g): provides 3 g of protein

1 fish fillet or 4–5 chicken/mutton pieces (25 g): provides 4.5 g of protein

Give your toddler proteins and see him grow well!!

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