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Fourth Month of Pregnancy

Fourth Month of Pregnancy

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Baby’s Growth

Welcome to the second trimester!!

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

The second trimester covers the fourth, fifth and sixth month of pregnancy. Now that you have reached your fourth month, your baby begins to seem more real. This month your baby will be able to kick and hear.

Facial Development - Your baby’s eyes become sensitive to light by this time and eyebrows start forming. Ears have almost reached their final position. One more remarkable change this month is that your baby’s facial muscles develop and your baby starts making facial expressions such as frowning.

Development of Other Body Parts and Organs - Your baby’s hands can reach each other by this time and can even form a fist.

Your breast undergoes definite enlargement, about one to two cup sizes more than earlier in the fourth month of pregnancy. This is a good time to buy supportive bras to accommodate your enhanced breasts.

Sex Becomes Apparent - This month your baby’s sex becomes apparent and your baby’s genitals have fully developed. However, it may be difficult to detect it on an ultrasound scan.
The Placenta is Continuously Growing - to accommodate your baby. Placenta now contains thousands of blood vessels and transfers nutrients and oxygen from your body to your baby.

By the end of the fourth month, your baby is about 6 inches in long and weighs about 100 grams.

Changes in your body

The reality of pregnancy is inescapable now as your protruding belly becomes visible to others and you might need to opt for maternity clothes. At this stage you will feel as if your emotions are on a roller-coaster ride. It’s not uncommon to have problems in concentration, being forgetful or clumsy. These are temporary feelings and there is no need to worry about. A tip to follow during this time is to try limiting your stress to a minimum. As the uterus grows and rises higher during this time, some of you might find that you do not have to urinate as frequently as before.

If you are older than 35 years or your earlier screening test showed a problem with your baby, your doctor might suggest amniocentesis during this month. During this month your doctor might also prescribe additional vitamin and mineral supplements of zinc, calcium and iron. Take these vitamins along with a well-balanced diet for the good health and well being of both you and your baby.

Disclaimer: Measurements are approximate

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