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Foods to avoid during weaning

Weaning is an important stage in your baby’s life. This is when she is getting introduced to new foods. Therefore the foods need to be nutrient-rich and safe for the health of your baby. Here are few foods that you should avoid during weaning.

No sugar-rich food: Avoid food items that are high in sugar and low in nutrients. Some common examples are soft drinks, sweets, chocolates, candies, namkeens etc. Sugar can lead to tooth decay and encourage a sweet tooth. Try mashed banana or milk to sweeten food if necessary.

Avoid whole dry fruits: Whole nuts, like peanuts might lead to choking and can also result in allergies. Parents should avoid giving too much of juice to babies (no more than 120 ml before 12 months and no more than 240 ml thereafter) because it typically provides more calories than needed and can displace more nutrient dense foods.

Be very sure about what is going into your baby’s plate. Keep the pointers in mind and give your baby the health and happiness she deserves.

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