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Foods to give

Foods to give

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As your baby grows, you will need to include new foods to your baby’s diet. But your baby may take some time to learn and accept new foods. Be patient and help her with this discovery of a lifetime!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Here are few other things that you can do.

Your baby’s first food should be:

  • A food that is easy to digest and provides optimum vitamins and minerals.
  • Based on cereals like rice, wheat; fruits like banana, apple or mashed, cooked vegetables like potato, sweet potato.
  • Natural in taste (without addition of sugar or salt) mashed and strained to mix well.
  • Fortified with Iron while providing additional energy, vitamins and minerals.
  • Rice cereal is a good first choice. It is easily digested and very few babies are allergic to it.

Always remember, the taste of a new food may surprise a child. Therefore, start by giving one or two teaspoons twice a day. And gradually increase the amount and variety.

Also, maintain the following directions:

Mind the thickness: As your baby gets used to eating from a spoon, gradually increase the thickness of her feed. Eight to ten months is the critical period for introducing lumpy, solid foods so that babies begin to get used to textures.

Introduce variety: As she grows, introduce more variety of foods with different tastes and textures to her diet. This helps in readiness to accept new foods.

Finger foods: By the time she is one year old, she can have soft finger foods. Finger foods help your baby have chewing practice, learn control and coordination, as well as encourage her to feed herself. Some examples are whole grain bread strips, soft biscuits and thin slices of fruits and vegetables.

Remember, you are the one who is going to decide when and how new food should be introduced to her diet. Follow the steps to make the process smooth and enjoyable for your baby. This will ensure health and happiness for her

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