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Flying Your Toddler

Flying with your Toddler

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As a parent, you may be little concerned while flying with your kid. However, a little planning and preparation can make your flight journey smooth and joyful for you and your kid.

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Tips for Flying with Your Kid

Prepare your toddler for the journey

Talk to your child about plane travel and play a pretend game of travelling in a plane. Enact different situations anticipated on a plane such as squeezing into your seat, interacting with airhostesses, going through security checks etc.

Easing the ear pain

Your toddler may suffer from ear aches during take-off and landing. Encourage drinking fluid which helps unclogging his or her ears. Give your toddler a lollipop to suck on which can help ease the ear pressure during taking off and landing of flight. Swallowing eases the ear ache; keep your child awake during taking off or landing of flight so that you can encourage him to swallow fluids.

Handling Toddler’s Tantrums

Carry your child’s food and necessary things including towels, diapers, extra dress, medicines, crayons and books in a bag and carry the bag on the plane instead of checking-in.


In case your child throws tantrums, try to distract his/her attention by showing outside the window or colourful pictures in the airline’s magazine or a baby book. Talking about things you see around in the plane, making him/her listen to music or watch a video on your phone/a plane screen can also help.

Know what triggers your toddler’s cry

If your child cries during flight, be patient and check whether your kid is hungry, wet or dirty or bored.

Contact airline

Inform airline in advance if your child needs a special meal or warm water. You can book a front or rear seat near to the rest room so that it is easier for you to manage restroom trips.

Contact doctor

If you are travelling to a foreign country, check with your doctor if your toddler requires any vaccination before travelling.

Finally, if things still go wrong, just be calm and patient. It would be over soon. Bon Voyage!

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