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Flying with your baby

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The very thought of air travel with your infant makes you jittery travel. The three “P”s mentioned below will make your travel more comfortable:

Friday, March 10th, 2017


Schedule your flight plan preferably in the night when your baby is asleep. This will make your travel a little hassle free.

Most international flights provide bassinet for infants, inquire and reserve one beforehand.


Baby’s diaper bag should have required stuff- sets of change, wet-wipes, extra diapers, a blanket, favourite toy, book, tether or a pacifier.

Always carry expressed breast milk or formula milk .Refill empty thermos with hot water at coffee shops on airport for preparing formula feed.

Remember to carry a large blanket along, for breast feeding the baby.

Ensure that you carry ample amount of hand sterilisers with you as your baby will be exposed to lot of germs.

Prepare your medicine kit beforehand as advised by your baby’s doctor.

Use a sling bag to carry your baby around at the airport; it’ll be easier to manage your luggage with your hands free.

Remember to drink plenty of liquids yourself, if you are breastfeeding your baby.

Pacifying the baby

During the flight, don’t panic if the baby becomes cranky. Change in air pressure in the cabin exerts a pressure on little one’s ear. Try to breastfeed the
baby or give him a pacifier to suck; it reduces the pressure on ear drums, when the flight takes off or lands.

Keep changing baby’s position on the lap or on your shoulder. This will help both of you relax

Use fold-down changing tables in the toilet for changing diapers.

Don’t hesitate to take help from flight attendants.

Bon Voyage!!

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