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Flying during Pregnancy

Flying during Pregnancy

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There are enough researches and medical literature to support the belief that travelling by air during pregnancy is fairly safe.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Still, doctors do warn against it after 30-32 weeks of pregnancy due to the fear of miscarriage or pre-term labor.

Post 30 weeks, caution is the mantra.

After 30 weeks of pregnancy even mild alteration in pressure may result in contraction of the  uterus, consequently leading to labor. That is why, most air companies forbid women with more than 32 weeks of pregnancy, lest they may deliver on board.

Furthermore, at high altitudes the amount of oxygen in the blood drops down a little. Also, the radiation exposure at altitudes is relatively high.  While these may not bother the occasional travelers, for expecting mothers these factors are definitely a matter of concern.

Travel during the safer months.                                                                                                                  

It is believed that the second trimester is the safest period for travel during pregnancy, the reason being an improved state of nausea. Also, you are in a comfortable position to balance your body.

Simple steps to stay well during travel.

Avoid sitting for long hours. While travelling, make sure you get up to stretch and walk after regular intervals, to avoid the fear of cramps and swelling. At the same time, wearing comfortable footwear also helps a lot to keep you agile and active.                            

Do away with the nagging nausea. For most expecting mothers, nausea is too much bothersome during pregnancy. If you have a persistent problem of nausea, do not forget to keep an anti-nausea medicine with you prescribed by a doctor.

Follow the guidelines. There are certain things that you should always follow while travelling. Like keeping a copy of your medical records handy for reference wherever you go or keeping the seat belt fastened below the belly while on the flight to avoid turbulence.

Tips during travel.

Here are some important tips to help you make your travel easier.

No carbonated beverages: Keep away from carbonated drinks, especially in the flight, to avoid abdominal discomfort and gas.

Eat frequently. Eat small portions at frequent intervals. Skipping meals should never be an option. If you don’t like onboard food, carry small snacks from your home. While waiting at the airport or in transit, help yourself with some healthy snacks like dry fruits, protein biscuits or roasted nuts.

Fluid intake is a must. You should drink water , fruit and vegetable or milk based beverages / juices to keep yourself  hydrated.

Avoid air sickness. Mint , saunf and candies  are very helpful to avoid the air sickness during pregnancy. Carry some with you just in case you need them.

Avoid raw foods. Keep away from foods like uncooked eggs, salad dressings like ceaser’s dressing or mayonnaise.

Prefer aisle seats. Leg Cramps, swelling etc are quite common among pregnant women. Hence it is advised to book an aisle seat during air travel so that you can stretch your legs time and again.

Pregnancy is all about taking care. And when you take care, you tend to enjoy the phase even more. Travelling during pregnancy is mostly due to unavoidable circumstances. Proper measures, if followed carefully, can keep your pregnancy healthy and safe even while travelling. Always remember, for these 32 weeks, you aren’t alone. Whatever you do has an effect on the little one you are carrying along. Make sure you keep your baby safe and comfortable throughout the air journey.

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