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The first post hospital checkup

The first post hospital checkup

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After you leave the hospital, your baby’s doctor will probably want to see your baby again sometime in the next week or two. You should be ready with your questions and a basic knowledge of what comprise that visit. This will help you make the most of it. Read on to know more.

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

What does a checkup involve?

In addition to performing a general physical exam, the doctor will take your baby’s growth measurements (head circumference, length and weight) and check for heart and lung function. At your baby’s first visit after birth, the doctor will also check:

Hearing and vision

Skin tone/colour

Newborn reflexes

Stool/urine patterns

Umbilical cord area

If it applies, the circumcision

Don’t be afraid to call your baby’s doctor.

While you will see your baby’s doctor shortly after you come home, issues may come up before your scheduled appointment. Don’t be afraid to call the doctor. The AAP recommends that you call the doctor immediately if your baby experiences any of the following:

Poor feeding

Unusual fussiness

Poor colouring


Sleeping more than usual


Weak cry

Breathing problem


Underarm temperature of at least 99.4º F or higher

Keep all your questions ready before going for the visit. Discuss everything in details with the doctor. Take all the suggestions and follow them for the health and happiness of your baby.

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