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First day at preschool prepare yourself and your little one

First day at preschool prepare yourself and your little one

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Most of us remember our first day in school and what a horror it had seemed like. For some of us it remained a horror change, while for the rest of us it came as a pleasant surprise. This anxiety is not very different for your baby either. Both of you need to prepare for surprises and uncertainties.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Your young one’s anxieties: All this time your baby has grown up in very familiar surroundings, amidst friends and families. She has hardly had to interact with strangers. The prospect of going to school gives rise to anxieties about meeting strangers and of staying away from the protective shelter of her mother and father. You will have to find ways to deal with her first day jitters and stranger anxiety.

How can you make the experience fun for your baby?

There are a number of things you can do to make your baby’s first day a fun process, while taking out the jitters and anxieties.

Speak to your baby about school: Well before your baby has to begin going to school, you must start familiarizing her about school and all the fun things she can do there. Tell her that she is going to find new friends to play with, new toys and new books. And that a lot of new people is going to love her and like her.

Familiarize her with her school books: Get her some of the books that she is going to need in school and acquaint her with her new schedule.  You can play school with her as well. If she has an elder sibling, the two of you can discuss the fun things she does at school to make it more enticing for the little one. If your baby initially shows disinterest in school, give her some time and speak to her again. Do not force her in to the idea. In fact, slowly and creatively ease the idea into her life.

Take a trip previously: Take her to the school and introduce her to the park where she is eventually going to play, to the classrooms, the bathroom, ,play area, etc. Tell her how much fun it is going to be for her to play around with all her new friends. When she sees all the fun things she encounters at school, your baby gets reassured about this new place.

You can meet the teacher as well: Take her to meet her teacher if you can. Once she is acquainted with the teacher, her first day at school is no longer going to be such an alien experience. Once in school, she meets the familiar face of her teacher and not feel so alone.

Ask her about the experience: Encourage her to draw a picture for her teacher for her first day at school. This immediately establishes warmth between your baby and the teacher. It also gives your young one a sense of motivation, once she is appreciated by her teacher.

Shop for school supplies together: Let the little one have her own way when it comes to school supplies. This helps create a sense of signature for each product she owns. Sit together and make a list of things she needs at school. While you are shopping choose colourful and fun products.

Familiarize the little one with her class schedule: Once you get a class schedule from your baby’s school, discuss it with her. Make relations with the things she is already used to doing at home. She begins to identify with the idea of school better. She is also reassured that school is not very different from home.

Play out her school routine with her: Even before the young one begins to go to school you can get her used to her school routine. Map out her routine and play it out with her, for instance waking up at a certain time in the morning, packing her bag, choosing the dress she likes to wear at school, making her eat her breakfast, hurrying to catch the bus etc. This makes the everyday routine of going to school much less boring and more like a game or a race.

Make sure she is comfortable and reassured: Do spend a lot of time with your baby before she goes to school. Talk to her about your own experiences in school, about how you loved to go to school because you made so many friends and because you really liked what they taught you at school. This gives an impetus to your baby’s confidence.

Assure her you are always there for her: You need to assure her that you are always around, even if she can’t see you at school. You must also tell her that her teacher is actually a replacement for her mommy, who loves her just as much, protect her, scold her and tell her what to do when she is wrong.

Be supportive and loving: On her first day, reassure the little one with all the hugs you can muster. But let it be balanced and let her go with an assuring smile. Let her know you are going to wait for her when the day ends. And make sure you are there on time to receive her.

Listen to the little one’s stories: Your little one’s first day is the most eventful in her little life. Give her a lot of attention, listen to all her stories. Be patient, reassuring and appreciative with her. If she has complaints, be understanding and be wise with the kind of advice you offer her.

Finally, do not be critical of anything the little one or anyone else does at school. It is your responsibility to teach your baby to take things in their stride. All the while, continue to be supportive and appreciate her first day of success at school.

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