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Feeding Breast Milk with a Feeding Equipment

Feeding Breast Milk with a Feeding Equipment

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Certain situations or some health problems might make it difficult to breastfeed your baby.

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Things to Keep in Mind before Feeding your Baby

Keep in mind the following things before feeding your baby with different feeding equipments.

To prevent contamination of your breast milk, always wash hands before expressing. Ensure that all your baby feeding equipments are clean. While washing, use hot soapy water, rinse in hot water and store in clean place.

  • Most important thing to do is to sterilise the container before expressing milk into it. If you are not sharing your expressing equipments with anyone, then
    sterilising the equipments after each use is not required. Washing it with hot soapy water is sufficient.
  • Next comes the storing part. You can store your milk either in plastic or glass containers in a refrigerator. Plastic is better for freezing. Note that the container
    should be air tight. Never keep the container for storing the breast milk at room temperature, as milk may get spoiled.
  • Before feeding your baby, you need to warm the breast milk after removing from the refrigerator. You can do that by running warm (not hot) water on the
    container immediately before feeding the baby.
  • If you are using spoon with edges or cups with pouts, there are chances that milk might get stuck and get spoil. Make it a point to clean those parts to avoid spoilage.
  • It is necessary to shake the container before feeding because breast milk separates into two layers when it is stored.
  • Fill the container with the amount that is required for one feeding, as any leftover unused milk needs to be thrown within 1 hour of using. Babies usually consume less than 100 ml at one feeding.

All the best for a happy feeding!

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