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Exercising The Best Way to Lose Weight while Breastfeeding

Exercising The Best Way to Lose Weight while Breastfeeding

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Exercising regularly and having a balanced diet are the best ways to lose weight slowly after pregnancy.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Can I Exercise while Breastfeeding?

Studies have shown that as long as fluid and calorie intake is maintained, regular exercise does not have any adverse effect on your ability to breastfeed. However, high-intensity exercises can cause lactic acid to accumulate in your breast milk, giving sour taste which your baby might not like. This problem can be prevented by drinking lots of fluids during and after exercise and sticking to low-to-moderate exercises.

It is good to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise after pregnancy. Doctors generally advise to wait for about 6 weeks following delivery before starting any exercise programme. If you have had a C-section, you may need to wait for longer before you start exercising.

While exercising, wear a comfortable bra to support your breasts. Use pads to prevent leakage of breast milk during exercise. Do not rely on your pre-pregnancy bra, as your size might have changed by now. Get a new one.

Exercises to Try after Birth or while Breastfeeding

Always consult with your doctor before trying any exercises after pregnancy. Few
recommended exercises include:

Walking is a good exercise to start with. Do walk as much as you can.

Yoga, low-impact aerobic workouts and cycling are also good to try during breastfeeding.

Running up and down the stairs is also a good form of exercise. You can do this several times a day.

When your postnatal bleeding stops, you can try swimming, as it is a good exercise and relaxing too.

Doing common things such as picking things up from the floor, holding objects close to your body are also good physical activities.
Remember to keep your knees bent and back straight while you bend down, as this will help strengthen your thigh muscles and avoid damaging
your back.

Avoid overdoing any exercise. You will know that it is time to STOP when you observe extreme fatigue or feel run-down.

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